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[BKARTS] New book announcement

Tara Bryan is pleased to announce the release of the latest walking bird
press book, Down the Rabbit Hole. This tunnel book uses excerpts from the
text of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. The text wraps around a series
of square openings which spiral down through the structure. In contrast to
Jack!, which popped up out of its box, Down the Rabbit Hole recreates
Alice's fall with the help of gravity.

Tara developed the edition from a unique book she created for Wonderland,
an exhibition in 1998 sponsored by the Oregon Book Arts Guild, celebrating
the centenary of Lewis Carroll's death.

The edition is 45, and the first ten books will be available June 30 for
$250 plus $10 shipping. When the first ten are sold, the price will go up
to $300.

If you would like to see photos of the book, please contact the press
off-list at tbryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tara Bryan
walking bird press
63 Deermarsh Road
Flatrock, Newfoundland A1K 1C8

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