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[BKARTS] Emending Printer's Ornament, c. 1660-1670s

Hello, colleagues - 

Might anyone on the List kindly direct me to a discussion, in any medium, on the rather common practice, I take it, of 17thC English printers emending (i.e., altering, restyling) and then reusing earlier ornaments? I'm seeking documented instances of this practice, circa 1660s-1670s. 

Though I've been deep into Irishwomen's political writings (pre-1800) these last few years, a colleague has recently taken me back to an interesting situation of an anonymous printer who evidently reconfigured a pre-existing ornament of possibly the 1630s or '40s for use as a factotum on a privately-published (even unauthorized) broadsheet poem of 1679, addressed to Charles II on the Popish Plot. (In such a treacherous climate, there was special handling indeed of certain content at all levels of literary production, from authorship and presswork to product transmission.)  

I've been casting a wide net on the matter, with some good catches, to date; and I hasten to thank several specialists, including graphic arts practitioners, who've already responded, earlier this month.   

Kindly reply off list for further details & with your thoughts, musings, direction, etc. 

Cordial regards and 'Happy Summer,' all, 

Maureen E. Mulvihill
Princeton Research Forum
Princeton, NJ.




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