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Re: [BKARTS] Guillotine Paper Cutters

Hi Debb and Bette!

 I have a Martin Yale stack cutter and I just love it. It cuts through 1-2"
of paper like butter. It takes literally no effort to use which is great for
those of us with arthritis, tendonitis and every other itis.
 The blade is good for at least 1000 cuts and will last longer if you prime
it using bar soap or a couple of other recommended methods that come with
the cutter. It's definitely worth the investment. I was able to find a
better price on stack cutters on Ebay, by the way. It is about 50 lbs. so
expect some shipping cost, however. I believe I paid about $400 for it in

I hope this helps you,

Meredith Arnold

Date:    Wed, 22 Jun 2005 21:34:51 -0400
From:    Bette Abdu <babdu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Guillotine Paper Cutters

I invested in a 1071 Kuttrimmer a few years ago and I love it. It is the
largest table top cutter they make and does a great job on book board and
multiple sheets of large paper too.

If you decide to purchase a Kuttrimmer I'd suggest that you contact Linda
Lemke at Green River Bindery e-mail: sllembke@xxxxxxxxx  She efficiently
ordered and had my cutter drop shipped for a great price.  Also, she
me understand how to use it correctly and how the wire system underneath
keeps the cutter squared up.
Best regards,
Bette Abdu in NH

on 6/21/05 12:35 PM, Debb Galcik at moon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


I was looking for a few opinions on Guillotine Trimmers.

Through my research it appeared that between Dahle and Kutrimmer
people thought the Kutrimmer worked slightly better, but I am not
sure what models these people were comparing. The thing that concerns
me is I have used both but not under ideal conditions.

The Kutrimmer I was using was at a Book and Paper college and most
likely had been overused/abused I don't know what model # but when
cutting paper one of them consistently gave wavy edges to the paper
and just felt uncomfortable to use.

My own trimmer was a Dahle but probably only a professional model as
I picked it up while working at an art store. It served me well the
blade is still excellent, however is was small maybe around 15" and
the fiberboard broke right where the blade attaches to the board. It
is still useable but anything more the 2 sheets of paper and it's a

I want to cut paper obviously most often 30lb - 144lb and hopefully
the occasional medium thickness Davey.

Looking at the 1071 or the 1038 Kutrimmer and the Premium line of
Dahles. Oddly enough the thickness rating for the Kutrimmer says
40-50 sheets and the Dahle days 35 despite the notable price difference.

I have a fondness because of my luck with dahle... the new purchase
would be a metal base not fiberboard... but I want to keep an open
mind about things. Any opinions? This is a huge investment for me so
I want to do it right.


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