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[BKARTS] magnets

This past week, I was pleased to take a workshop with Daniel Kelm (along
with eight other people) concerning magnets as closure for books and
boxes. When it is offered again, if you have the chance to attend, I
highly recommend it.
http://www.garageannexschool.com/workshop_welcome.php In the meantime,
Zip Grip, The Magnet Source 888.293.3534 is one source. Consider using
.060, laminate. Minimum order is $30.00. Two other resources include:
Magnetic Attractions 800.421.3251, or Master Magnets 800.525.3536. I
have also used Lee Valley but I like the thinness or choice of thickness
offered by Zip Grip. I have not evaluated Magnetic Attractions or Master
During the class, we covered museum board (2 and 4 ply) with cloth.
Knowing that everything is aligned perfectly is key. The magnets work
like a charm and are subtle in their presence. Sweet.

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