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Re: [BKARTS] Curator suspected of looting library -- from today's Guardian

"BNF has introduced draconian security measures: readers must be
accredited and prove their identity; the reading rooms are under video
surveillance; and library staff must consent to having their bags,
pockets and desks inspected regularly. Staff are also moved frequently
so they do not spend too long working on the same collection."

I still think that if you want to protect something, you must manage it
well. Thus far they haven't, and so the natural consequence of poor
property management is loss of product. If you don't want the treasures
stolen, keep them under lock and key. If you want to take a look at
them, then do so, but with the caution that "if you broke it, you pay
for it." 'Draconian security measures' are only called so in light of
the apparent lack of security in the first place. Libertarianism has its
place - in expression, in movement, and whatever else we find our
freedoms as human beings important - but when entrusted with a national
treasure, you do not let the "hottentots run amuck".


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