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[BKARTS] Hottentots?

> Libertarianism has its
> place - in expression, in movement, and whatever else we find our
> freedoms as human beings important - but when entrusted with a
> treasure, you do not let the "hottentots run amuck".

The OED defines "Hottentot" as a) "a member of a South African race"
and b)"a person of inferior intellect or culture." "Libertarian" is
defined as "One who holds the doctrine of the freedom of the will."

If Mr. Angus knows for a fact that these thefts were perpetrated by
citizens of South Africa sharing a particular philosophy of action he
should contact the French police. If he publicly equates an inferior
intellect or culture with membership in a specific racial group then
perhaps the French police will be contacting him.

Paul T Werner, New York

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