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[BKARTS] metallic/metallic looking papers

  This Book Arts List has such a depth of resources!  You are all truly 
amazing.  I have a question for you all about paper.  

I am on a quest to find some metallic/metallic looking papers.  Until 
recently, Crescent Paper produced a nice looking metallic-looking paper.  It 
had a nice weight, worked well as made-endsheets, had various colors and 
small non-repeating, abstract patterns, came in virgin sheets (not 8.5x11"), 
and cost was reasonable.   After hearing such a wonderful description, what 
could be the dilemma?   Well, Crescent Paper no longer distributes these 
papers.  Would any of you know of  other similar paper, and who stocks it?  


Susan Lunas, Book Conservator
Many Moons Book Conservation

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