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[BKARTS] Fwd: From Jarmila Sobota -- Thank You!

Jarmila does not have access to the Book Arts List, so this message is
forwarded from the GBW List.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Jarmila Sobotova <jsobota@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: June 28, 2005 5:39:31 PM EDT
To: GBW@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [GBW]
Reply-To: "Guild of Book Workers Discussion Group."

Dear friends,

Here is Jarmila Sobota.
I would like to thank to all nice and good hearted people who were
trying to
help me in my horrible situation, when my son was lost. Guild of
group is not just the group of professionals who love books.  It was so
helpful for me to receive this enormous support from my friends and
from people, who even do not know me!
I wish, I could thank to everybody personally.  Unfortunately, I have
the flu and I do not feel very well.  All that stress was just too
much for
me and my body  reacted, I guess.  Therefore, it is easier for me to
to the GBW group like this.


Especially to Bill Minter, Pamela Leutz, Susan Martin and to somebody,
is not GBW member - Dalia Kanellakis and her mother Haidy.

I feel, that I owe you an explanation of what has happened:

June 14th my son Jan and I went to visit my baby grandson, my daughter
my son in law in Pflugerville, in Texas.

We were supposed to stay until August 11 and then go back to the Czech
Republic.  I also plan to go to New Orleans, where is this year the
Miniature Book Society Conclave July 21-25.  During that time, LJ
Jan) was supposed to stay in his sister's house.

LJ is suffering with schizophrenia.  He was OK, when we left the Czech
Republic.  Unfortunately, something wrong has happened to him during
trip.  Maybe decompression?  Well, he got very confused and unstable
in the plane.  I had problems to bring him safely.  In my daughter's
he was in very bad shape.  Basic problems with schizophrenia is, that
patient hears "voices" telling him what to do.  This is very strong
Never logical, often dangerous and suicidal.  Therefore, I decided to
him home, to get help from a psychiatric hospital.  Our travel
doesn't cover mental illness.

Two days after our arrival I flew back to home then.  From Austin to
Atlanta, from Atlanta to New York and from New York we were supposed
to go
to Prague.

And then it happened.  At J.F.Kenedy airport.  Both of us went to the
bathroom.  I was quick, but when I went out, LJ was gone.  I knew
immediately that he ran away.  He had no ID or money.  I contacted the
Authority Police right away.  We were searching the airport, but had
found him.  I was scared, of course, because with the mentally ill you
know what he would do, it is hard to predict.

The police was helpful only the first night.  The second day, they
considered the matter hopeless.  I contacted the Czech consulate and
started to help - after that LJ case came to detectives at JFK.

I had stayed in hotel and kept calling hospitals, missing persons
department, homeless shelters etc.  And I was walking around airport
going in the airport train, looking after LJ.  My daughter kept sending
posters with the info and photo of Jan.

I was getting many calls from GBW members, after Bill Minter send the
information to the Discussion Group.  Many people wanted to help, many
actually did some actions, but I didn't know what to do myself, so I
know of what help to ask.

On Thursday, I went with my new friend (I met her at the Baggage Claim
Office, she works for DELTA) and her mother to one counselwoman's
office in
Manhattan, to ask for help.  James, who works there, promised to help.

On that day I also decided to accept the generous offer of Susan
Martin to
stay in her apartment.  I finally got an idea how I may use your help.
money, I saved on hotel, I bought notebook.  Wireless.  I wanted to
ask you
to call TV stations and to ask for help.  I called TV stations myself,
course, but they didn't want to do anything for me.  It was no big
deal for
them.  Hundreds of people disappear in New York.  Therefore, I
thought, that
if more people would bother TV, that it may help.

Fortunately, we did not have to go to this step.  James found my son,
in one
of the New York hospitals.  James was luckier then me, or my daughter
or the
Czech Consulate.  All of us called the same hospital before he did,
all of
us were told than Jan was not there.

You could imagine, how happy I was, when I finally hear Jan's voice.
doctor called me, after learning that I was looking for him and he let
LJ to
talk to me.  Dalia took me to hospital.  it was too late at talk with
doctor, but I saw Jan. I learned, that he was in this hospital since
NY Police found him acting strangely, I guess.  They called an

All this time I didn't know!!

I was on my way to Susan Martin that day, but Dalia invited me to stay
her apartment (boy, apartments in New York are so small), which I did,
thinking that second day, after talking with Jan's doctor, I will take

Morning, however I have got in another schlock.  Jan's' doctor called
told me that Jan run away, while he was transporting him to scan test.
There were two security Guards with him, but he managed to run away
Fortunately, five minutes later, they got him.  He ran to the emergency
department by accident.

Now, he is still in the hospital.  His doctor wants to release him only
after he will be absolutely sure that Jan is OK.  It is too risky to
let him
to go to a plane in unstable state.

I am in my daughter's house now, having the flu, LJ is in New York's
hospital, and I do not know when I will take him home.  There is
mess in travel arrangements, I can't be certain with anything anymore,
Jan is safe.

Thank you all again.

Jarmila Sobota

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