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[BKARTS] The Passing of Mary ('Paul') Pollard, Scholar in the Old Irish Character

With Apologies for Cross-posting


Re: Mary ('Paul') Pollard,
A Scholar in the Old Irish Character.
An Appreciation.

As many scholars in Irish Studies, I was sad to hear from Terry Belanger
last evening of the recent passing of Mary ('Paul') Pollard. While I did not
know her personally, I did enjoy a cordial and  productive correspondence
with Pollard from April, 2001 to May, 2003.  From Flat 1 and, a bit later,
from Flat 2, Marsh's Library, St Patrick's Close, she sent letters to me,
black-penned on white stationery, and also pretty note-cards with garden
scenes. We wrote often of early Irish women writers; one her favorites was
the l8thC Quaker post-mistress of Ballitore, County Kildare: Mary
Leadbeater. All that I received from her was signed "Mary Pollard" or "M.

On one of these occasions, I was preparing a review essay for The Irish
Literary Supplement (Fall, 2002) on recent work on the early Irish book
trade. The piece ran under my title, "Dublin's Inky Brotherhood," and
focused chiefly on Pollard's great contribution to Irish Book Studies, being
her "Dictionary of Members of the Dublin Book Trade, 1550-1800" (London:
Bibliographical Society, 2000; 675 pp; ills.).

But prior to that, I needed her to supply corroborative information for some
of my delvings into the 18thC Dublin patriot printer & political journalist,
James Esdall, a protégé of George Faulkner (Swift's 'prince of Dublin
printers'), for my Esdall article in the new Oxford DNB. All that she
readily sent, in handsome script, was new research (her research); more than
that, it showed an uncommon reverence for details, historical fact, and
accuracy of representation.

In March, 2002, Pollard was elected to the Royal Irish Academy. (For
biographical information on Pollard and on her career in Irish Book History,
see relevant web postings.)

She will be missed by many, I am sure. I regret not having personally met
Mary Pollard, to thank her for many kind attentions.

All the best to my colleagues on the Lists, and with a nod to Terry Belanger
for sending on this news,

Maureen E. Mulvihill
Princeton Research Forum
Princeton, New Jersey

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