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[BKARTS] inclusive design

Inclusive design in the sense of this survey request is a replacement
term for the ADA handicap accessible requirements in architecture. I am
curious that the book art list was requested to participate in the
survey. However, since I have my own ax to grind on the subject, I took
the survey. The questions, I thought, were spot on. And I learned the
survey probably includes as many groups as possible - not just because
of the idea of surveying a larger pool (inclusive), but to gain input
from a broader reach in the arts community than just architects. 

One of the more interesting parts of the survey is the graphic symbol
they are testing. The shape and the color will be less limiting than the
blue wheelchair symbol. As part of the book arts group of intellectually
curious, graphically interested folk, I am rather pleased to have been
asked to participate in this survey.

Just as one book does not please all people, or one restaurant delight
all palettes, inclusive design will not satisfy all conditions of need.
Currently, the ADA laws favor wheel chair users leaving many other
issues unresolved. While a discussion of the actual issues surrounding
inclusive design are off topic for this list, the request to review the
new symbol for inclusive design might well be within our scope.


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