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Re: [BKARTS] Artist Book Information Sheet

Wow! You've covered a lot. I can think of nothing more, 'though I'm sure
some sharp reader will find something to add.

I may be interpreting incorrectly, but it sounds as if all the
information will be on a separate sheet which the reader may well not
see. I'd like to suggest that the "back story" section be bound into the
book, so that all readers would know what inspired you.

You may not be looking for "proofreading" at this point, but I did notice
one thing in the document needing correction. Under "marketing
description" change "It's present..." to "Its present..."  Possessive
pronouns have always driven me crazy. Coincidentally, yesterday I was
reading "Woe is I", a very well-done and funny book on correct grammar,
which states, " 'It' is a pronoun and pronouns don't have apostrophes
when they're possessives."

Please excuse all grammatical and spelling errors in this message!  ; -)

Lavinia Adler

On Sat, 9 Jul 2005 22:38:03 -0700 Laura Russell <laura@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hello,
> Following the "Drucker Gate" discussions on this list as well as
> discussions at the Wellelsely ABC conference about what librarian's
> need I've decided to create a one-page "Artist Book Information
> Sheet"

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