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Re: [BKARTS] Artist Book Information Sheet

While I think Laura's sheet might be helpful, who's go time to do all this
stuff? Is it really the artist's responsibility to provide all this info?
Why not have the librarians give us a questionaire with the info that they
want. We as artists can't guess what each and every library is going to want
to know, considering that every library catalogs in a different way and
wants different information. And frankly, several of the libraries that I've
sold my books to don't even bother to catalog artist books.

I'd like to hear from the librarians on the list as to whether this would
really be helpful or not. So far, the only responses have come from other
artists. So, what do you think librarians? Does this type of information
sheet really help "push ourselves further down that road toward
documentation and review that was so hotly debated (in Drucker Gate)" Or
would our efforts be just wasted time that we could spend in the studio



On 7/10/05 1:38 AM, "Laura Russell" <laura@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm thinking that if we as book artists include this kind of material=20
with our books, perhaps we can push ourselves further down that road=20
toward documentation and review that was so hotly debated. And, how can=20=

we artists expect librarians to pull all of this information out of=20
thin air? They just can't get all of the detail that Drucker proposes=20
from a the book itself at worst, or even a personal visit at best.

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