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Re: [BKARTS] Artist Book Information Sheet

I had been skipping over this thread - until I saw people were looking for
the wise insight of cataloging librarians.

I am one course away from being a librarian, but have been cataloging for 5
years or so. Glancing over the sheet, the three things I would like to see
are a place of publication, some general subject heading ideas, and metric
measurements. Cataloging is primarily done from the item itself, rather than
information about the item, so the more this information is on the book, the
better. Even if the book is being cataloged for a significant bookarts
collection by someone who has plenty of time to catalog, it will still not
likely get the amount of description that the artist would like.

A basic record for this book would look something like. (I emphasize this is
very basic - I am no special collections cataloger.)

100 1_ Russell, Laura

245 10 Colfax day & night.

246 3 Colfax day and night

260 S.l. : |b [Laura Russell, |c 2003]

300 19, 19 pages :|b col. ill. ; |c 22 x 25 cm. |e + one clamshell box.

500    "Archival digital "giclee" printing on Mohawk Superfine paper. Black
book cloth covering on deluxe edition."

590 Library copy ?? of 100; autographed by author.

651 0 Colfax Ave. (Denver, Colo.) |v Pictorial works.

651 0 Denver (Colo.) |v Pictorial works.

Kevin Driedger Lansing, Mich.

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Subject: Re: [BKARTS] Artist Book Information Sheet

I'll speak as a librarian here. Yes, it is very helpful. Catalogers will
need some of this information to simply make the materials accessible to
users. Cataloging information is actually quite standardized with lots of
controlled vocabulary. Catalogers will not know/understand all YOUR arcane
structures well enough to comment  on/describe them. Libraries have
cataloging backlogs, an unpleasant reality, but not everything gets
cataloged as an artist's book which makes it hard to find. What makes it
artist's book anyway? That's actually a fairly complex issue.

At the next level, in the context of gathering metadata and contributing
critical analysis..., this is YOUR chance as the creator to provide input
on your work. Researchers will not know what went into YOUR work, the
creative processes you used and why. It's all about capturing the creative
process and making the work accessible.

Other questions, who the heck is this creator? Why is there work
Has the work been shown? ... It's about YOUR legacy too.

In terms of extra work, I think most of that is at YOUR fingertips anyway.
Let's start with the colophon which should record the
creator/collaborators, materials, structure, edition size... We all have
artist's statements/bios, bibliographies, exhibition resumes. My guess is
if we don't have this information is some form, we're either disorganized
or not serious about marketing (I know, it's a dirty word) ourselves, or
really just making them for ourselves with no intention of sharing
(absolutely ok too - but don't be dismayed by lack of
understanding/recognition if one does decide to share later on).

So, to the core question, of "is it really the artist's responsibility to
provide all this info?," I would look at less as an onerous responsibility
task, and more as YOUR chance to make sure people understand what YOU
meant, rather than making it up.


YOUR = the artist/creator... in general

While I think Laura's sheet might be helpful, who's go time to do all this
stuff? Is it really the artist's responsibility to provide all this info?
Why not have the librarians give us a questionaire with the info that they
want. We as artists can't guess what each and every library is going to
to know, considering that every library catalogs in a different way and
wants different information. And frankly, several of the libraries that
sold my books to don't even bother to catalog artist books.

I'd like to hear from the librarians on the list as to whether this would
really be helpful or not. So far, the only responses have come from other
artists. So, what do you think librarians? Does this type of information
sheet really help "push ourselves further down that road toward
documentation and review that was so hotly debated (in Drucker Gate)" Or
would our efforts be just wasted time that we could spend in the studio




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