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Re: [BKARTS] Artist Book Information Sheet

My impression is that this information is not "just" for the cataloging
process. Many special collections librarians/educational institutions
use their artists book collections for teaching. If they have a choice
between showing a student a book that they can talk a lot about or one
that nearly all they know about it is what paper the artist used, I
would wager that they are going to pick the one about which they have
more information. This means, of course, that more people will see your

At the ABC conference at Wellesley, the librarians said over and over,
"give us the back story". They want to know about the book, about what
inspired it, any interesting anecdotes about its creation, etc. When I
buy artists books for my small personal collection, I always want to
know the back story as well. More often than not, I buy the work of
artists I know personally or whose work I know, because I have more
access to information about the background of the book.


Kevin Driedger wrote:

Date:    Mon, 11 Jul 2005 17:08:06 -0400
From:    Kevin Driedger <ksdriedger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Artist Book Information Sheet

I had been skipping over this thread - until I saw people were looking
for the wise insight of cataloging librarians.

I am one course away from being a librarian, but have been cataloging
for 5 years or so. Glancing over the sheet, the three things I would
like to see are a place of publication, some general subject heading
ideas, and metric measurements. Cataloging is primarily done from the
item itself, rather than information about the item, so the more this
information is on the book, the better. Even if the book is being
cataloged for a significant bookarts collection by someone who has
plenty of time to catalog, it will still not likely get the amount of
description that the artist would like.

A basic record for this book would look something like. (I emphasize
this is very basic - I am no special collections cataloger.)

100 1_ Russell, Laura

245 10 Colfax day & night.

246 3   Colfax day and night

260     S.l. : |b [Laura Russell, |c 2003]

300    19, 19 pages :|b col. ill. ; |c 22 x 25 cm. |e + one clamshell

500    "Archival digital "giclee" printing on Mohawk Superfine paper.
book cloth covering on deluxe edition."

590    Library copy ?? of 100; autographed by author.

651 0 Colfax Ave. (Denver, Colo.) |v Pictorial works.

651 0 Denver (Colo.) |v Pictorial works.

Kevin Driedger
Lansing, Mich.

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