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Re: [BKARTS] Artist Book Information Sheet

I think it is easily understood that the word "shoot" used in conjunction
with photographs is synonymous with the verb "photograph." Even
Merriam-Webster lists "photograph" as a meaning of "shoot." Hence, one may
well want to shoot friends one would never see again. Especially if said
friends are anally retentive and picayune!! (No offense, Bobi, I simply
couldn't resist! Hope your sense of humor is as finely tuned as your eye for
sinful syntax!)

Then again, perhaps when Sports Illustrated does its next model shoot for
its famous Swimsuit Issue, featuring sexy, scantily-clad, skinny, size 2
girls, maybe they will actually....oh, never mind.....

>I felt a need to shoot these signs as if they were friends I would never
>see again.
You'd shoot friends you were never to see again?   Gads, drastic!  Maybe
"capture visual reminders" or "photograph" or some other word(s) might
better express your action.

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