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Re: [BKARTS] Artist Book Information Sheet

I wasn¹t at the Wellesley conference, but Johanna Drucker presented her
ideas along this line at the Pyramid Atlantic conference last fall. My
understanding was that she was involving librarians and book artists in a
discussion about what was really needed for cataloguing artist¹s books,
since there are gaps in the standard cataloguing method in libraries. One
problem is that libraries mainly catalogue ³author,² which is not always
applicable to artist¹s books, or might be a relatively minor element. If
there are only a few lines of text in the book, but only the poet is
identified, not the artist, then your work is not being recognized.

So being able to shape the way your own work is catalogued is key. The other
issue is whether the libraries or institutions have the data fields that
would be applicable. Presumably that¹s why Author/Artist/Photographer are
together in the example given. I doubt if there are databases with Concept
as a data field, at least at this time. But having that information
available could be useful for future cataloguing.

I think that the colophon is also an aesthetic choice that an artist makes,
and having ALL the suggested information would junk it up. A colophon will
often have a lot of pertinent information, but is also personal, and part of
the expression of the book.

Champe Smith

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