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Re: [BKARTS] "digitally tattooed printed Leather"

> Of course we once again get the !@#$ who can only complain
> about what they do not value for themselves.
> Does it ever occur to them that their complaints are vastly
> more annoying than the initial posting could ever be?

Whereas the complaints about the conduct of the listserv members are a
delight to the eye and a joy to the spirit, particularly as they are
intended to be read by the people discussed.  I especially love the ones
that reach through comments about actions to directly insult the people

> Thank you Duncan; able to see a gazillion possibilities for
> the process I've written for more info.

If you bind anything with it, please do post a link and/or a discussion of
how it went.  Unlike an unsolicited link to an uninformative website, that
would actually be of interest.

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