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[BKARTS] Artist Book Information Sheet

On the question of how to give prominence, or at least recognition, (in
a catalogue entry) to the creator of an artist's book rather than the
author, I use a wonderful widely-used South African database program
(called Logosflow) to produce Bibliographies.  They have solved the
problem by having a PRODUCER field with a (RELATIONSHIP indicator) which
allows one to index as many "Producers" as needed.  An example for the
book "The Life of Dorothy Kay":
John Smith (author)
Robbin Jones (photographer)
Mark Foster (Artist/Creator)
Jan de Villiers (introduction by)
Jotti Long (essay by)
Janet Brown (papermaker)
Yvette Bhayat (binder)
Dorothy Kay (title)

In the Producer Index (no longer called the Author Index!) all the above
are indexed alphabetically with a reference to the book in question.
[The reason for the last entry is to find "Dorothy Kay" indexed under
"Kay" as the title will be indexed under "Life" in the Title Index].

This is perfect for a private collection or for an institutional
collection of artists' books where many producers/contributors need
recognition in one book.  Normal cataloguing methods can lead to
anomalies: I have seen an altered book indexed under the author where
the book had become unreadable and the author irrelevant!  There was no
reference to the artist at all.

By the way, the database also provides for all the other necessary
Press/Publisher, Place, Date, Edition, Inscription, ISBN/LOC, Size,
Subject, Medium etc. and "Details" for a full description of anything
else to be shown.

Jack M. Ginsberg
email: jackg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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