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Re: [BKARTS] Artist Book Information Sheet

Hello Book Arts List Fans,

I just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my "Artist Book
Information Sheet." Every single email this posting generated was so
incredibly helpful. It seems that my biggest problem was trying to keep
the sheet to one page. The shortcuts I took for fit were the points
that were most pointed out for clarification. Now I see that the
information is more important than the length.

Thanks, especially, to everyone who pointed out my sinful syntax. And
can you believe that a former graphic artist left off the font
information! You guys are my saviors.

It is very true that if we want to make a living as artists we need to
be prepared to spend 50% of our time doing marketing chores. I recently
gave my "Marketing 101 for Book Artists" lecture and I realized that
not being allowed to go to art school and getting a degree in marketing
instead has been a blessing in disguise. But, don't tell my parents
that, they still think I'm crying about my lost art school days 20
years later!

Thank you again,


Laura Russell
Portland, OR

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