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Re: [BKARTS] "digitally tattooed printed Leather"

At 04:00 PM 7/12/2005, you wrote:
Thank you Duncan; able to see a gazillion possibilities for the
process I've written for more info.
Of course we once again get the !@#$ who can only complain about what
they do not value for themselves.

I didn't have a chance to read all the responses, so not sure
what the objections were, but I loved the printed shoes on their
website and the fact they actually distinguished between
"fashion" and "couture"!!

Obviously fascinating things could be done with bookbindings!
Lots of people on this list already paint on the bindings, why
not print?  It's like the difference between manuscript books and
printed books, it's a whole different medium.

If anyone HAS printed on leather, pls. share pictures!

Back to lurkdom ...

Susan Fatemi susanf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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