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Re: [BKARTS] The Museum Fire

NorthPark Mall in Dallas was designed by Raymond Nasher to be a museum and  a
mall at the same time.  It is covered with sculpture and was the first  one
of its kind, actually there isn't anything like it.  Most of the works  are now
in the Nasher Museum and if anyone here is in Dallas, you have to see  the
Nasher Collection, it is a wonderful museum with a sculpture garden that is
full of people every weekend.  Kids go there to play in the sculpture,  running
around in and out of it.  This is a museum experience you have to  see to
I was there a few weeks back and they had a yoga class taking place in the
middle of the grounds.  There is a restaurant nearby and people were  walking
around with a drink in hand looking and interacting with the works of  art.
Having their picture taken standing next to a line of bronze men,  things like

The museum of Biblical Arts is a foundation of the Caruth family, the
founders of Lincoln Property Company.


James Pepper
Biblical Scribe

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