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[BKARTS] gorillas

I've not used gorilla glue for books but do use it extensively in
cabinetry and construction. Leaving aside the fact that it is not
readily reversible here are a couple of things to think about: 1) it
forms a rigid not a flexible bond 2) the surfaces to be joined must
be wetted 3) once applied the glue greatly expands with a foaming
action (it will fill and bond surfaces with small gaps) and requires
serious, heavy duty clamping until it fully sets 4) cleanup of glue
once it sets is a matter of cutting, scraping or sanding the excess
away.  Before it sets you should use naptha (paint thinner) to clean
up excess. If you get it in clothing well then you have new paint
duds. If you allow it to set on your skin be prepared to live with it
a week or so; gloves are a really good idea!
Gorilla glue is known for the great strength and water resistance of
its bond. Super for boat building but I think a bit much for books.
Best, James

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