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[BKARTS] Lapis and such

Delighted to hear it, especially since a year and a half ago I
reviewed a recipe published by Ms. Gorst in the context of a show of
her work. As I pointed out at the time (WOID #X-28), Ms. Gorst's
interpretation of a simple recipe for gall ink was unworkable, and she
herself had not used gall ink for any of the works on display. Now I
find that Ms. Archibald and Ms. Gorst, whose work I have followed for
over twenty years, are fluent translators of Medieval Arabic and
Latin! Clearly, apologies are in order.

I would be glad and honored to review this new, important work - in
fact, I feel obligated to do so. Or perhaps, since Ms. Archibald holds
my friend Jack Thompson in such high esteem, she will forward a
reviewer's copy to him - a positive endorsement from a reputable
scholar always does wonders for a book. I, for one, will be awaiting
his fair-minded evaluation with bated breath.

> I respectfully ask you to reserve judgment on whether Lapis &  Gold
> groundbreaking until you see it! The book is about 350 pages  long
and includes
> recipes (from both Latin & Arabic treatises) that have  never been
> before.
> If not, I will humbly accept your  judgment.

Paul T Werner, New York

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