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[BKARTS] Search full text of books with Google Print

In case I'm not the only one who was unaware of this, the Google search
engine now has a beta version of "Google Print" in operation. "Google Print"
is a specialized search engine that searches the full text of books for
keywords or phrases. 

Here's how to access Google Print:
>From  http://www.google.com/ click "Advanced Search" (located to the right
of the search text box) 
Look at the bottom pane under  "Topic-Specific Searches" and you will see 
Google Print - Search the full text of books"
Publishers can promote books on Google Print for free: https://print.google
If you want a short-cut to learning about Google Print, here's the help
link: http://print.google.com/googleprint/help.html
FYI Librarians: (I copied the below from Google's links to provide pertinent
information to you, .)  
 Google has partnered with several major libraries to digitize their
collections and make them searchable on Google Print. If you're interested
in understanding more, check out http://print.google.com/googleprint/library
 What libraries are you working with?

We are currently working with University of Michigan, Harvard University,
Stanford University, The New York Public Library, and Oxford University to
scan all or portions of their collections and make those texts searchable on
 How can I get my library involved?

We're not planning to digitize additional US libraries at this time. However
 in the future, we may expand our program to include specific special
collections from US libraries as well as libraries in other countries. If
you're interested in letting us know about your library's special collection
 please email us at print-support@xxxxxxxxxx and include the size of your
collection, any specialization or unique content, how much of your content
is already digital, and what languages it includes. 
Warning to bookaholics: I thought I'd give Google Print a try, searching for
random phrases and words. Google Print served up pages of hits, pages
excerpted from the most delicious assortment of books. I didn't manage to
tear myself away from sampling the literary smorgasbord for an
embarrassingly long time!!

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