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[BKARTS] Nineteenth Century Printing Practices


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We are pleased to present Nineteenth Century Printing Practices!

Nineteenth-Century Printing Practices and the Iron Handpress is encyclopedic
in its examination of early printing techniques from the early
fifteenth-century, wooden presses to their culmination with the
nineteenth-century iron presses. Gabriel Rummonds, one of the most
celebrated fine press printers of the twentieth-century, has distilled a
half millennium's worth of printer's wisdom and manuals into this very
readable and important history of the iron handpress and the intrepid men
who worked it. This remarkable work represents over twenty years of research
and scholarship.

            With almost five hundred rare and scarce wood cuts, engravings
and photographs, and the most comprehensive bibliography on the subject ever
printed, this two-volume, monumental work stands alone in the annals of
printing history. Nineteenth-Century Printing Practices are the companion
volumes to Rummonds' 1998 classic, Printing on the Iron Handpress.

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