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[BKARTS] Commercially printed baby books

Greetings everyone,

I have been asked to produce 2 Baby albums.  Both sets of parents
expect a nicer handmade cover, but would prefer a commercially printed
text block with the usual topics and lines to write upon.  What they
both clearly do NOT want are blank books.  I guess it seems like "too
much work" for the "freshly frazzled" parents.  So, I'm looking for a
nice book that can be recased into something more elegant.  I looked
through the list archives for suggestions, but nearly all the albums
mentioned were entirely handmade.

Yet in looking over the commercial books immediately available, many
are unbearably saccharine.  Have any others been in this situation and
found something suitable for rebinding? Searching the web, I found one
edition entitled "A Baby Book for You" produced by the Museum of Fine
Arts.  It incorporates some Victorian elements, but is unfortunately
spiral bound.  Ideally i would prefer a smythe-sewn edition.  Yet I
could resort to this one if I have to...

Another book from the Metropolitan Museum looked promising, but on
closer inspection , it is really for younger brothers and sisters of a
new baby, and in both cases these are the couples first children.  "The
Kate Greenaway baby book" seems to have some nice typography.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Jake Benson

Edelpappband / "Millimeter" Binding Bind-O-Rama, Entry Deadline - October 1, 2005

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