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Re: [BKARTS] Emily Martin workshop- Secret Belgian

Cara,  Thanks for the photos and information about the Belgian binding.  I
bought a kit from quietfiredesign.com as I couldn't travel to out of town
    You inspired me to try to figure out how to make the boxes, and my third
try did so well that I gave a brief presentation at our Paper Arts meeting.
I've seldom had a more enthusiastic response and requests to teach a class.
At my age I don't want the hassle of teaching and Suzanne Cannon asked that
I not reproduce her very well done instruction booklet.  I've given out the
web site to order the kit for themselves and to practice the construction.
    I agree with your enthusiasm for the design as it is hard to find a
binding where the book opens flat so beautifully.  It took me quite a while
to find two part eyelet/grommets, but I prefer them to the single kind that
leave rough edges on the inside. After accumulating what must be every known
hole punch and eyelet setter ever made, I can now go full speed ahead.
Again, many, many thanks.  Marjorie  Coffey

Edelpappband / "Millimeter" Binding Bind-O-Rama, Entry Deadline - October 1, 2005

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