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[BKARTS] the perfect punch and setter for two part grommets

Hello Marjorie,

>>It took me quite a while to find two part eyelet/grommets, but I
prefer them to the single kind that leave rough edges on the inside.
After accumulating what must be every known hole punch and eyelet setter
ever made, I can now go full speed ahead.<<

Would you be willing to share your found prize? I must not own "every"
one as I remain keenly disappointed in the many I have purchased. I do
have one that works on large grommets. But I welcome finding small two
part grommets and a setting device that does not give out after, say,
200 holes. After making a batch of "Save the Date" wedding announcements
as a "chain of events" requiring small grommets, I felt as if I had
scoured the earth to no avail. I will be most appreciative of your


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