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Re: [BKARTS] the perfect punch and setter for two part grommets

I haven't had any problem with regular 1-part eyelets, with no "rough
edges" on the inside. The little machine I use, the HomePro LR, came with a
set of punches and setters from 3/32 to 1/4" for eyelets, decorative
eyelets and snaps, and it also sets nailheads. I got it for a job that
required about 1,500 eyelets and it worked as well on the last one as the


The binding I needed the machine for was the Special Limited Edition of
_Tard Cards_ by Caroline Archer, commissioned by Mark Batty publisher. It's
black and pink satin, with lace, ribbons and eyelets.The edition is 60
copies, and there are 24 eyelets on each book.

You can see it

If you want to see more detail, there is a link to a bigger (PDF) image on
that page.


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