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[BKARTS] eyelet setters

I'm not the original poster to this list about the eyelet/grommet setter,
but I know that Noxon Tools has a set of of 3 tools called the Better
Setter, each with two different ends on them (giving you 6 tools
effectively) that include punches, hammer head and 2 sizes of eyelet
setters, etc. They have long made their setters for the industrial trade and
now are applying the same tools to the craft trade. These things are made to
last like no other eyelet setters on the market - they're made of steel,
easy to use and safe, too. They do make some noise so I have used mine with
a self healing mat sitting on a bag of rice to dampen the noise or with the
self healing mat and the hard rubber mat sold in leather goods stores as a
noise dampener for punching.
 These tools aren't as pretty, but who cares? They did start adding colored
finger grips on them so they would look more attractive...

Hope this helps you,


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Date:    Sun, 24 Jul 2005 17:21:57 -0400
From:    Ann Grasso <A@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: the perfect punch and setter for two part grommets

Hello Marjorie,

It took me quite a while to find two part eyelet/grommets, but I
prefer them to the single kind that leave rough edges on the inside.
After accumulating what must be every known hole punch and eyelet setter
ever made, I can now go full speed ahead.<<

Would you be willing to share your found prize? I must not own "every"
one as I remain keenly disappointed in the many I have purchased. I do
have one that works on large grommets. But I welcome finding small two
part grommets and a setting device that does not give out after, say,
200 holes. After making a batch of "Save the Date" wedding announcements
as a "chain of events" requiring small grommets, I felt as if I had
scoured the earth to no avail. I will be most appreciative of your


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