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[BKARTS] Dionysus Press

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my new (and first)
website; www.dionysuspress.com.
For the last few years I have enjoyed the tidbits of knowledge the Book Arts
listserv has provided.
My self-study with book arts started 6 years ago with the purchase of a
large format inkjet printer, shortly after a 1936 Vandercook proofing press
and turn of the century (not this past turn, but the one before) binding
equipment was added.  Day after day I fumbled my way through numerous
illustrated books on the subjects, visit after visit I trekked to a local
bindery for hands on help and spent long evenings that magically turned into
late nights learning how ink and paper work together on the press.  I'm far
from an accomplished master craftsman, but feel comfortable enough to
present my work for review.
In the spring of 2004 I finally released my first titles; Right Noise,
Policing Pleasure and Canto V. These titles attempt to survey social issues
by way of whimsical and satirical photo essays.
Other titles in the works are a large format travelogue book on Tuscany that
will include photographs taken on assignments with writers Saul Bellow,
Calvin Trillin and Jan Morris. The images will be produced by photogravure,
which marries nicely with the letterpress relief impressions of the text.
Two more political satire titles, Bathers and Paradise, will be release
On October 1 of this year I will open an exhibit at the Mattress Factory
Museum (www.mattress.org) in Pittsburgh. The installation will be a large
cylindrical room wallpapered with an ultraviolet glowing panoramic photo of
a 1900 Carnegie Library.  This "library" will house three volumes of poetry
addressing the theme "passion and politics" in it's left sphere. The right
sphere will remain a mystery until the exhibit opening (aren¹t all right
spheres cloaked in mystery?).
I am excited about my new role as bookmaker and am hoping you would have
some time to review my website; www.dionysuspress.com

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