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Re: [BKARTS] Hot Stamping Type?

I agree both about Ebay, and about homerlea --- he's an absolutely first-rate seller, and has an amazing collection of hand-printing and hot-stamping stuff.  His shipping to Canada is reasonable as well (I'm up in Edmonton).
I have a set of Old English Dura-Cast Hot Stamping type that I should list soon, as well as a working Kwikprint hot stamping press (crated and ready to go)...so look out for psyduck7 on Ebay.
happy printing!
Edmonton, Alberta


From: Book_Arts-L on behalf of J. J. Foncannon
Sent: Sun 31/07/2005 21:01
To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Hot Stamping Type?

EBAY  is the way to go.  I have purchased about 100 different hot stamping fonts on
EBAY, and I find the sellers very reliable.  For instance, I once ordered a set of
type and it arrived with some of the kerns broken off.  The seller, homerlea, whom I
wholeheartedly recommend,  replaced the entire set, no questions asked.
Try the descriptor "type" in the category "printing and graphic arts."  I notice
that as of today, there are a number of sets of Kingsley hot stamping type

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