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Re: [BKARTS] Dionysus Press

Excellent work. The pdf's of the books make it easy to see the content. The
photos are superb, whether the lushness of the church images in /policing
pleasure/, the American landscapes of /paradise/, or the brilliant and
occasionally hilarious pseudo-documentary of /right noise/.

The one criticism I have is that the design of the bindings could be more
integrated with the content. The quarter leather bindings appear to be well
executed, and are nice enough looking as anonymous craft objects, but are
not up to the creative level of the conceptual interiors of the books. From
what I can see of the slipcases, they seem to have been given more
attention.  I'd like to see photos of the cases featured more prominently
on the website, if they are in fact the exteriorization of the metaphor of
each volume.

A small problem I had in viewing the site was that the javascript on the
links for Introduction and Colophon don't work with the Firefox browser. I
didn't try them with other browsers. Here's the error message from the
javascript console:

Error: plugin.SetWindow is not a function
Source File: javascript: function jsScriptObject(obj) {
this.wrappedJSObject = obj; } jsScriptObject.prototype = { evaluate :
function(expression) { return new jsScriptObject(eval(expression)); } };
var plugin = document.embeds['ibm6526_1_flash']; plugin.SetWindow(new
Line: 1


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