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Re: [BKARTS] Perfect Endsheets Every Time?

"roroberts@xxxxxxxx" wrote:
> Greetings, All.
> Though I've made a few books now, I still have an occasional endpaper refuse to stay down in the inner joint, flexing up at inner board edge and making unsightly creases.
> I should clarify that I am talking about tight-joint leather bindings in which the pastedowns are dried with both boards fully open and pulled back 150 to 180 degrees. I'm using wheatpaste, and this difficulty applies especially to books sewn on raised bands (if that matters.) To further complicate things, the endsheets are usually hand marbled, so rewetting can easily cause color smears or loss. Too, when closing the boards for the first time after drying, I work with the folder to try and keep all flexed into the inner joint while closing.

A couple of thoughts:

-Make sure the joints are set correctly before you lay your pastedowns.
The spine edge of the board should line up exactly  (well, as close as
possible) with the point of the shoulder. English technique is to set
the joints as part of the covering process; German is to set them after
spine and boards are covered and dry, prior to turning in.

- Rub a bit of paste along the spine edge of the board and the little
bit of adjacent leather just before laying the pastedown.

-Make sure the pastedown is fully expanded before putting it down. Rub
the paper thoroughly into the joint through waste paper.

-Some binders feel it's better to close the book onto the board rather
than the board onto the book.

Hope some of this helps.

Don Rash

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