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Re: [BKARTS] board shear adjustment

First, buy Bill Minter's video. It has lots of good information.

There's nothing moe important in a bindery than a properly adjusted board
shear.  It makes everything fast and easy.  The biggest problems I have
seen come from perople who pull the blade to make the cut, instead of
adjusting the shears properly.

That causes one blade to cut the other, and only a commercial grinding will
true the blades after that.  And in that process the blade loses a lot of
metal, which you don't want.

Most shears have two adjustments. One makes the curved blade parallel to
the table blade, and the other moved the curved blade in and out from the

It's simple. You make the blades parallel and then make them kiss.

Make sure your counterweight has a safety pin!

If your blade is properly adhusted you don't have to hold it to make a cut
in paper, but just have to give it a push down, and it will cut perfectly
by itself.

When cutting, all your weight should be on the left foot, with the right
foot holding the foot clamp with no weight shift.  That way you will not be
pushing the curved blade away from the table blade.  If the machine is
adjusted properly and your balance is good, all your cuts will be perfect.


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