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Re: [BKARTS] Heat activated tape for mounting stamping dies

I belive you are looking for 3M Bonding Film 583

Follow the link from the above page to the data sheet (PDF) and,
despite the picture of a clear film, you'll see they sy it's brown in

I could not find any information about purchasing, it was hard enough
navigating the 3M site.

I suggest you call 3M directly for the swiftest results.

- Duncan

Anyone have a source or solution for mounting hot foil stamping dies to a
metal backing plate?  At the bindery I used to work at, we used a heat
activated tape by 3M (came on a roll about 3" wide), but I can't seem to
locate it on the web.  Talas has a heat activated "adhesive web" on a roll
(16" wide).  Would this be what I'm looking for?

Any advice greatly appreciated,

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