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Re: [BKARTS] Heat activated tape for mounting stamping dies

Unless they have changed formulation or product ID (#583) it should
be the right adhesive.  We have been using it for years.

We have a box of it and the only identifier is a tag on the inside
core (continuously printed 3M Scotch Brand Tape).  The tag has
printed on it - Product 583.

The description on the product data sheet (PDF)
describes the rolls we have.

The action of the adhesive is more of a softening.  Situated between
a die and the stamping machine it adheres mostly from pressure - it
is slightly tacky at room temperature.

If the die is removed immediately after placement the adhesive will
be gummy and it will stretch a bit before releasing.  Sometimes it
breaks and snaps back.

After use, when the die is removed, the adhesive remaining is darker
in color and a bit shriveled.  Once scrapped off the stamper the bits
are dry and crumbly, as if all the moisture had been cooked out.

- Duncan

Octavia & Co. Press wrote:

Wouldn't that film stay melted when hot? I don't think that's quite the
right adhesive.

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