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[BKARTS] calls for art in Minneapolis : a repeat

Due to a yahoo mail glitch, the Susan Hensel Gallery
in Minneapolis may not  have received applications for
the following shows.  I have just discovered that a
significant number of random legitimate emails have
been landing in my spam folder. As a consequence, I
ask anyone who has sent an application to re-send. 
The info for the shows follows:

A Leap of Faith: at the intersection of faith and

November 4-December 29, 2005

" How did the faith of Jesus come to be known as
pro-rich, pro-war and only pro-American?" Jim Wallis,
God's Politics.

    Calling for artwork from all traditions and
attitudes that deals with the concept of the
intersection of faith and politics. How do they
intersect? Should they intersect? How does one affect
the other? Spiritual, religious, non-religious
concepts all considered.
    slides/images due by September 15, 2005.

March/ April

A Reader's Art 6:

Changing the Wind

March 3, 2006-April

    A show of artists books with a focus on change:
political, personal, cultural, spiritual...What do you
want to say about change? What needs to be changed?
What has changed? How would you effect change?

    All media welcome, all approaches, even
installation and performance.Editions or one of a kind
books and book objects or book referential work. I am
always willing to expand the reaches of book art to
the edges of the known universe and beyond.
    The slides due January 15, 2006.

    Send accurate slides,photos, MAC compatible cd-rom
of the work you plan to show, with SASE for return, or
Email high quality jpg's. Written explanation of the
work is welcomed. Appointments may be made for
in-person viewing of work.

    2-d and 3-d, all media are welcome. Video and
sound may require your own equipment site-specific
installation for the gallery and gallery windows are

    Accepted artists will be expected to provide a
resume and artist's statement about their work and any
available press clippings. Accepted artists will be
asked to provide client lists as well.

    All work is sold on consignment. The gallery keeps
40% of the sale price. The artist receives 60% of the
sale price.

    Insurance , security and shipping
    Susan Hensel Design carries a basic loss policy
that will pay the artist 60% of the sale price in the
event of theft or total loss. The gallery building
also has a security system and residential occupancy.
    All shipping costs are the responsibility of the
artist. Pre-paid UPS or FED EX required

    1000 postcards will be distributed
    local, area and national press kits will be sent
    email and fax publicity
    web publicity before, during and after the show
    and your help planning guerrilla marketing

    ? slides, jpg's, photos for up to 3 works, w/ SASE

    ? A resume and/or artist statement is advisable.
Tell me what you want me to know about you and your

    A LEAP OF FAITH.slides due: Sept 15, 2005.
Accepted work due October 29, 2005.

    READER'S ART 6. Slides due Jan 15, 2006. Accepted
work due Feb 24, 2006.

    Accepted work must be sent with return shipping
enclosed; UPS or FED EX ONLY. No COD's

Susan Hensel
BFA '72, U of M

Susan Hensel Gallery
Susan Hensel Design, LLC
3441 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
phone/fax 612 722-2324

Join the susanhenseldesign Yahoo Group:

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