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[BKARTS] location, location, location

Hello, Everyone,

  I'm new to this list and been just a lurker so far as your collective
experience is far, far above my beginner efforts.

 But since I'm new to this whole field, I'd like to request that when
you post classes, conferences and the like, would you also please
mention the location, including the state or province.  I find myself
constantly searching all the clues to tell me where it's taking place.

 Probably all of you are already familiar with all the venues, but it
would help me to know that the class is in New York or Ontario,
Canada or San Francisco.

 I live in Santa Barbara, California, and have a growing interest in
book making.  Jill Littlewood introduced me to your group.  My
background is in the fiber arts.

Thank you very much,

Lucilla Warren

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