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Re: [BKARTS] Heat activated tape for mounting stamping dies


A late entry to your query. The thread lock is a great alternative as
it's much less expensive than a roll of the 3M material. However, if
you want to mount dies without ever having to use adhesive, try the
mechanical alternative.

Get an aluminum block (you can use other metals: aluminum is
lightweight) and drill two or more holes in the face of the block.
Then get a tap (as in tap and die) and thread the holes to some
common thread like 8-32 or 10-24. If your block is large enough 2.5"
up to 4" you can make a number of holes for mounting several
different configurations of die.

Each time you get a die, you can drill holes to correspond with your
mounting holes, or pay the die maker to drill them for you. Then use
a flathead screw that will screw down flush with the base of the
metal below type surface and you've mounted a die without adhesive.

The advantage to this is that you can mount a block like this and
insure that it is square if your diemaker has trued the type on the
block because you've got a fixed line for mounting.

Good luck,

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