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Re: [BKARTS] [GBW] board shear adjustment

On Aug 8, 2005, at 6:02 PM, wrote:

My old board shear had a very loose and sloppy movement
Thanks to Mel and Richard and others who have recommended the video on
Board Shear Maintenance that the GBW Library provides.
Besides the importance of the safety pin on the counter-weight, and the
other adjustment issues that are discussed in the video, I would like
to take this opportunity to comment on the "loose and sloppy movement".
I have now seen a few more board shears where the blade has a sloppy
movement, and the cause is a loose "jam-nut". There are the two bolts
that adjusts the horizontal movement of the blade on the yoke, and
these bolts will loosen with use, unless they are locked (or jammed).
THEREFORE, it is imperative that the jam-nuts are secured.
Unfortunately, the jam-nuts require a large wrench, but an import can
be obtained for about $10.00 and it serves the purpose well.
I have seen at least two instances where the blade was about to fall
out, and was, therefore, a safety concern. You should also realize that
a loose blade could cause excessive wear to those parts, as well as to
the cutting blades. The blade should not be loose and sloppy!
Again, more information is available in the video that can be purchased
(or rented) from the GBW Library. There may be more information that
needs to be added to the video, but this one was a start  --- if you
have any suggestions, please let us know.
Bill Minter

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