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Re: [BKARTS] Box for Homer

vasco Antunes wrote:

it?s just a box iám made 100?s of this. why this is special?

Citando Richard Minsky <minsky@xxxxxxxxxx>:

Well, for one thing, this *is* a bookarts list, and I for one enjoy it very much when members point out pictures of stuff they've made. In the case of Richard's box, I get particular pleasure from it because of the very high level of craftsmanship -- I love making boxes myself, almost more than books, and as my efforts are basically just OK, seeing what an expert with many years' experience can do gives me something to aspire to. That's one of the ways I learn, and a very good reason for subscribing to this list.

And without the least bit of sarcasm, I would be very happy to see pictures of your work as well -- so please, share.


Matthew Garelick

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