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Re: [BKARTS] Boxes

Hi RIchard, and all interested parties
While we are on the subject of boxes, do you have any good tips for making drawer boxes?? I have done a couple fo these and always found them problematic.
For those who haven't seen one of these, the bottom tray has two compartments, one on top of the other. The bottom tray, done as a drawer, often contains binder's waste, such as original boards or covering remnants, and the top compartment contains the rebound book. The drawer allows either item to be taken out of the box without disturbing the other. For larger items that tend to be heavier bracing the top of the drawer compartment to keep it flat and keep weight off the lower item is a problem, and casing in the box trays is a REAL problem. Usually I just wrap both items and put them in a single tray, lighter one on top of heavier one. However, sometimes the fragility on one of the items makes this unwise. Into every binder's life, for whatever reason, eventually such problems fall.....
Dorothy Africa

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