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Re: [BKARTS] Boxes

Dorothy wrote:

>do you have any good tips for making drawer boxes?

Hi Dorothy-

I've had to make them with several drawers, not for "binder's waste," but
for such things as a festschrift box, where people from all over the world
ignore the neat instructions of the organizer and send all sorts of obects
instead of just an 8.5 x11 sheet of paper. So not only ae there drawers,
but compartments for various media (video, tape, disc, journals, mementos),
and an accordion folder for loose papers.

The easiest solution for dealing with the "heavy object" problem is to
forget about binder's board and use a rigid material for the bottom of the
tray that will bear the weight, such as plywood or metal. Or make the whole
shebang out of it. One nice material is "Airplane Plywood." It comes 50 or
60 plys to the inch, so you can have a piece 1/8" thick that is 7 ply.
Otherwise you can create ply-binder's board by laminating 3 or 5 sheets of
thin board together, if thickness isn't an issue. That's fairly stiff
(cross grained).

Having multiple compartments in the drawer section helps, because the
dividers provide extra support, and of course the best solution is to have
2 drawers next to each other with a supporting divider between them.

>casing in the box trays is a REAL problem.

I haven't encountered that. The tray can be made and cased in like any
other tray, and the "architecture" that holds the drawers and whatever sits
on top of them can be made as an insert that slides into the tray after it
is cased in, and is glued onto the back and sides of the tray. The insert
may or may not have a bottom panel depending on the usual factors.


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