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Re: [BKARTS] labels for books


I have a die made of my logo which I use to hot stamp (usually in gold or black) in the lower right inside back cover of journals (or notebooks or portfolios or whatever). My logo is the name of my bindery and is scaled to about 1.5" long.

What about the older, more discrete style of debossing the binders name in the little bit of leather at the inside of the turn ins? HA! Only hard sell here! Besides, when I bought the bindery from Oregon binder Hugh Stump, this was his habit and one of the traditions I carried forward.

The hot stamping is perhaps a bit less attention grabbing than a label might be. I would size a label to be large enough to clearly identify you to admirers of your work but not so large that the potential admirers scoff at your crass commercialism.

This is my specific, quantified advice.

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

IM: stitchbyhand
(510) 537-9711

On Aug 16, 2005, at 8:18 AM, Carole Vanderhoof wrote:

I want to make a label with my bindery name to put into the back of the books I have rebound. How big should it be? I'm imagining something very small, but what do other people do and what information do you put on the tiny label, just the name?

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