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[BKARTS] Timothy Ely Workshop in San Diego

San Diego Book Arts is pleased to host:
The Painted Book / A Workshop with Timothy C. Ely

September 10th and 11th
9:30-4:30 PM w/30 minute lunch break
Bay Park Press, 4138 Napier Street, Sa Diego CA 92110

To reserve a place in the class or for more information, please contact Sandra Williams, Program Chair, San Diego Book Arts at places@xxxxxxxx

"The Painted Book is both a concept and a construction event" incorporating some of Mr. Ely's favorite conceptual motifs -- with an emphasis on paint handling as it pertains to the book form. "It is a metaphoric investigation into structures and technologies that begins where fine bookbinding left off in the early part of this century -- integrating the aesthetic experience of the visionary bookbinder with that of artists from many other disciplines. In this intensive we will construct an embryonic book structure, explore & encode it both inside and out in numerous ways in order to investigate, in some depth, the nature of this four-dimensional, time-based sculpture."

Edelpappband / "Millimeter" Binding Bind-O-Rama, Entry Deadline - October 1, 2005
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