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Re: [BKARTS] Boxes

Hi Dorothy -

I also have found drawer boxes to be problematic - I've found that doing a reverse-drawer box helps to support things above the drawer. Basically, the box opens like a standard drop-spine box, but the drawer part of it opens from the outside/fore-edge side of the smaller/interior tray (well, fore-edge side of the entire box). The drawer is "locked" shut by the larger tray when the box is shut. I've found that this also makes it a little bit easier to get to the drawer, and the items in it.

I've done this for some larger text blocks where I've had to hold onto the original covers. With the cover boards requiring a very thin drawer, and the textblock providing quite a bit of heft, the base of the upper portion of the tray (above the drawer) *always* tended to bow. By constructing the box with a reverse drawer, I found that there was much more support over the drawer (the exterior wall of the interior tray), which kept it from bowing. The top of the interior tray had a back wall support, and also support from underneath on the fore-edge. The cloth-covering part of these can get a little bit tricky, though.

I hope this helps -

Stacie Dolin

While we are on the subject of boxes, do you have any good tips for
making drawer boxes??  I have done a couple fo these and always found them

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