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Re: [BKARTS] Update on Dri-Gel sheet desiccant

Was just checking my Email and read your message (however, I should be doing other things).
Some quick comments:

First comment: Glad to see this information. I am sure that many are equally interested in seeing some news about your product.
First reaction: I had trouble understanding the following: "Dessiccant capacity ..........". Initially, I thought, most books are not 30 pages, then as I reread the Heading I had a little better understanding, but not certain that others (especially those unfamiliar with the product) will pickup on that detail.
I am still confused by "Every Page -- 10 minutes with 1.5 hours .... labor inserting ......".

The "Passive moisture.... removes 50%": Does this mean interleaved books or simply with Dri-Gel on the outside of the book?

Gotta get back to work.
Good Luck,

On Aug 17, 2005, at 2:11 PM, Nicholas Yeager wrote:

* Desiccant capacity is directly affected by proximity. The closer the desiccant is in contact to wet material, the quicker moisture is absorbed. The chart below describes this corollary:

Interleaving Dri-Gel per number of leaves		 Time required for drying
15 leaves (30 pages)				 12 hours/ six changes
10 leaves (20 pages)				   5 hours/ four changes
5 leaves (10 pages)				   1.5 hours/three changes
Every page				  	   10 minutes with 1.5 hours
					   labor inserting Dri-Gel sheets
					   between leaves of the book with
					   no change of Dri-Gel

* Passive moisture absorption occurs in freezers where Dri-Gel is present. Wet books awaiting treatment are placed in a container and frozen to avoid mold growth. Placing Dri-Gel in the container (often a zip-lock bag) removes 50% of the water while the item is stored for two weeks. This lowers labor cost and drying time when the book is finally processed


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