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Re: [BKARTS] custom tools, jigs, etc.

> I've read and reread the description for the accordian fold jig sent by
> rahuebsch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and I just can't get it.

I scratched my head a bit before I figured this out too. I think these are
the keys to it:

1. The support is a board that is wider than the height of the paper you are
scoring. You would lay it flat on a table, with the ledge protruding up
along the edge in front of you.

2. The ledge is *perpendicular* to the scores; you slide the paper along the
ledge to position it for scoring, then draw the edge of a bone folder toward
you in the "thin open areas" or grooves between the panels you've glued to
the board/support. 

3. You start with two scores instead of just one because that gives you a
sort of template that spaces all the rest of the scores evenly.

Randolph - Did I get that right?


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