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[BKARTS] Book Boxes

Thank you everyone for your offers on photocopying the government
handbook on book boxes. I have someone getting copies for me already.

I have tried my hand at making a book-box (one made inside a book)
yesterday. It turned out gorgeous! We're going to use it to collect
reciepts and hold a mini ledger for our car - so my husband doesn't
misplace them. Its got a small ledger made to fit inside it for our
bookkeeping that he is making today with matching paper. The book he
used to hollow out is "Customer Centered Growth, which we had two copies

We also picked up a book at the library for inspiration, entitled
"Wonderful Wraps", by Marie Browning (ISBN 1-4027-0344-9). The kids and
I made several gift boxes from it, and we're designing pyramid book
boxes for a small collection of Egyptian Myths. 

Thanks again for your offer of assistance. We appreciate it.

Jamie and Robert Angus

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Octavia Occult . Com
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